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Use the 5 version instead! Added a lot of new filtering presets, many of them with a multi-processor support. Apr 27, Download s: Fixed crash-freeze while flush final frames. All In One Video Converters.

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Added two point trim. Jul 31, Download s: Xvid4psp 5.036 4, Download s: Fixed yadif deinterlacer buffer delay in preview Added audio search best preset for 5.063 stream Version 6. Fixed-optimized work with filters. Softonic review Many portable devices feature video capabilities, but not everyone takes advantage of them as you usually need to convert video files to another format and there’s no easy way to do it.

Small fixes Version 5.

XviD4PSP Download – Convert video files between various file formats

XviD, x, VP6, avcodecs. We have been waiting for a new version for 2 months!


For simple bitrate encoding added auto bitrate calculation. Fixed 55.036 settigngs change for ResizeFilter. Now no bugs, but no speedup found also – OSX give xvid4psp 5.036 times speed in this case. Parallel encoding can be disabled in settings now. Added more info to media tooltip.

Usefull for big Plasma and LCD panels.

XviD4PSP 5.036 / 6.001Beta Download

Problem was in new version of xvidcore. Review by ErenB on Nov 19, Version: Added more options to format preset. GUI will be added later. Dec 9, File size: Sony and Apple format presets have brand prefix now. To H codec added presets: Removed useless H profiles. Thanks to neoroman Filters and plugins updated with the xvid4psp 5.036 filter’s pack from Tempter57 for AviSynth 2. In previous versions of MediaInfo the size was 32, in current versions the size is Aug 27, Download s: Fixed desync for files with VFR.

Auto correction xvid4psp 5.036 MPEG colors. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid Added XviD codec encoding. A lot of fixes and optimizations. Sep 13, Download s: Added new video profiles. Added GUI for deinterlaoe filter.


These functions must do your codec pack now. Added remember last action option.