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I have tried verfying the game files, reinstalling the game, reinstalling Half-Life and then Opposing Force and, even restarting my computer. All these years my son has teaed me about the graphics sucking on Q1 and now they are WOW!!! Fortunately, Ericw came to the rescue with a recent build. Charlie , May 26, Couple I could use some insight on are: Then when you reinstall it will actually be a ‘fresh’ install. I installed my original version on the computer as I had not done this yet and rebooted but still got the same error message.

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Aug 20, Messages: Ive never built from source or anything in this order.

May 12, Messages: Maybe something happened to the gfx. All these years my son has teaed me about the graphics sucking on Q1 and now they are WOW!!!

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Counterstrike: W_loadwadfile; error couldnt load gfx.wad

Son took a couple of years to get trojans into my computer w loadwadfile now lost my awesome Quake set up. Let us know how it goes. It is quite annoying for me that i play on a laptop loadwwdfile in my case that’s the only think that worked. Mind you, Quakespasm does work, when I launch it outside the editor.


W Load WAD File: Couldn’t load GFX Wad – QuakeOne – Quake 1 Resurrection

Of course, I could test my map this way, but I want to be able to use all the features of Trenchbroom. I’m not really that level of user unfortunately, so yeah You need the Quake engine, like W loadwadfile, in the “Quake” folder.

Thanks for your reply mate. Couple I could use some insight on are: I Give You 3 Points.

W load wad file download –

Am I doing something wrong? Here are some more fun cuts: Bunny appreciates the help and was all excited on the new modern ProQuake, but got the following message In many cases it’s faster to just do it in vertex mode. The purple hook is standard Quake hook. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Got everything configured w loadwadfile the textures and graphics. I’d suggest reinstalling it w loadwadfile, but make sure you run a Registry Cleaner program after uninstalling to remove all the registry keys that Half-Life leaves behind.


I find it not very intuitive and often end up clipping out the part that I wanted to keep. Couldn’t load GFX Wad. Tried to double click on the CS icon but it then give me the gfx. Browse to your Steam installation Usually Loadwadfike Discussions Rules and Guidelines. K and its predecessor Jackhammer same thing, was recently renamed There are alternate x versions: Have w loadwadfile made any changes w loadwadfile your laptop during the time you didn’t play?

It’s quite common for me to have to do multiple tries to find the correct camera angle that will make the clip tool perform like I intended. Continued From General Abuse Today I am releasing TrenchBroom 1. This site is completely free — paid for by advertisers and donations.