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If there are issues with the new parser you can force the old one on by creating a registry value in TSReader’s settings: Updated to Alitronika’s latest SDK. A new interface for the Twinhan series of satellite cards is available. Additionally, the Roku trace window’s contents can now be copied to the clipboard. Fixed a crash with some Dektec devices All: This is documented in a private file for registered users only.

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TSReader Pro -> Version History

This doesn’t apply to the Lite version. Added display of closed captions carried in H.

To make this work, download and install MyTheatre easily found on the Internet and then copy the Satellites folder from the MyTheatre installation folder into TSReader’s folder. Added support for serially controlled commercial receivers.

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Make sure you read this before attempting to get this source to work. This is useful for looking at small transport stream captures and there isn’t enough data available to decode the stream correctly without multiple passes of the stream. The multicast UDP source can now have the IP address and port number to listen to specified on the command-line. Fixed an issue professipnal multiple extended event description descriptors causing characters to be lost All: These tsreader professional either streams with a type of 0x06 and tsreader professional format descriptor of BSSD or have a type of 0x Add a “browse for folder” dialog to the Record PIDs dialog.



Fixed an issue where old thumbnails might sometimes show up after restarting TSReader. This can be tsreader professional in debugging email sending issues All: Profeseional an issue where thumbnails would stop being generated after a long period of time when multiple thumbnail threads are running simultaneously.

The forwarder subsystem can now null stuff output streams which is useful when dealing with a VBR input stream to TSReader and you need to output to professinoal device at a constant rate. Revived the live mosaic option.

Added thumbnail decoding for VC-1 video streams. Changed the timing of the DiSEqC positioner commands sent by the -P switch so that the position command would get sent before the tune attempt.

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Frame rate and aspect ratio from H. Add output files from TSReader are now opened to allow read-mode sharing. Added support for the following TBS products: Lots of improvements to the Archive Tsreader professional. Added audio thumbnails to show activity on audio streams. If you develop your own serial control modules and would like to have them included with the TSReader distribution, please let me know.


The Stream Monitor window is now non-modal by default.

If you can’t get the DVBWorld source module to lock, try using this one instead. When using this source, the rate controlled option must be turned off. Updated statistics area and various other UI cleanup. New control server command to reset counters. This fixes an issue where very occasionally a number of EIT events would be discarded All: Added a button to the manual EPG recording setup tsreader professional to fill in the tuning parameters for the current mux.

Writes a JPEG file containing the decoded thumbnail tsreader professional the selected program. This requires the right drivers loaded see this website tsreaver more information and also requires Windows XP. Added support for logical channel descriptors.

Corrected a problem with the PID chart where stream rates shown a Kbps or Mbps were slightly incorrect. Added the ability to control the priority of the TSReader process.