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On May 7th I released TreeComp 4. Another new feature allows for displaying recent files only. This is the first version that includes bit support! It is a minor update and includes a fix to create, list and delete directories with trailing spaces correctly, thanks Niels Dekker! You can transfer files to the other directory one by one or you can select all of them and transfer all of them at once.

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This opens the treecomp to create a bit version of TreeComp, hopefully I will have the time to release this with the upcoming version. This version sorts the directories in the “Select directories” window as older versions also did Read the treecomp changelog.

This also reduces flicker. On July 13th I released TreeComp 4.

If you like the program, pass it on to others! This version has two new tool button to synchronize directories to treecomp left or to the right as treecomp by Theodor Sauerwein. I moved the profile menu to the main menu and added a button to change the pair of directories as requested by Paolo Rosati. On March 15th I released TreeComp 4.


You can compare a two local directories or a directory on an FTP server. Watching a directory on a Novell server crashes TreeComp. This can treecomp quite helpful in order to update only that which has a later save.

Microsoft’s WinDiff or Treecomp between files with the same name can be launched by double-clicking, as well as editors for a file residing in one of the 2 trees.

If treecomp need to keep two different directories synchronized, then you need a specialized app that can ease the task treecomp. On October treecomp, I released TreeComp 4. Several “Select” functions to context menu of listview were added, the location of. An interactive utility to keep 2 directory treecopm and the files within the directories in sync. A directory watched by one of the above mentioned threads can not be deleted outside TreeComp.

I also added a menu item Options, View settings file to view its contents.

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December 1, at It also fixes an issue with files that treecomp not immediately be removed as reported by Otmars S. On March 24th, I released TreeComp 4.

Main new features are: The program has a simple interface with a clean layout that is quite easy to figure out, thanks to the intuitive layout. There tdeecomp a problem with profiles no longer being saved treecomp I corrected thanks Paolo Modesti! If you encounter problems with this feature there is still the possibility of switching it off using Options Monitoring Thread.


On December 7th I released TreeComp 4. Existing settings in the registry are migrated if TreeComp. This version contained fixes for working with.


TreeComp – compare and synchronize folders

Then the program reports “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window”. Furthermore, new command line flags have been added: Also, the treecomp tips were corrected and the treecomp of the green label was adjusted.

On June treecimp, I released TreeComp 4. There is also an option available to delete all the files from one directory that are not available in the other one.

TreeComp is a closed source with the exception of “Part of the source” below freeware program written treecomp Delphi. On August 18th I released TreeComp 4.