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It’s weird, in the first book, I was sure I liked Kona. It was that thought that he’s “something else and he knows ‘her'” that made me like him at first. I’ve been a die-hard Team Kona fan during the whole series Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In the end she seemed to realize that she was being stubborn and ridiculous, but she still acted childish a lot of the time. But I think I did pretty good here, even though I know I am leaving lots out! This trilogy has been a fun one that definitely takes a fun twist to mermaids!

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I just think it took too much to push her over the edge, and that it should have been harder in the end to triumph.

Tempest Revealed : Tracy Deebs :

Unleashes collects books, English degrees, unleaahed lipsticks. It has officially landed a spotting on my couldn’t read shelf. So in conclusion, Tempest Unleashed was a thrill ride of epic proportions, and it was everything the first book should have been and more. I’m glad we don’t have that kind of government system The plot was extremely predictable. Tempest Revealed is a whirlwind of heart-pounding action and excitement and it all starts when Kona came to find Tempest and tell her the news that Hanilla has died, making Tempest the rightful merQueen of Coral Straits.

She didn’t seem an integral part of the book and I tempest unleashed tracy deebs have been happier if she’d never been written into the story.


Tempest Unleashed : Tracy Deebs :

In this first sequel, Tempest misses her family and longs to visit her home on land. Other books in the series.

I liked Tempest, she’s a well-rounded main character and I liked that she’s developed a back bone over the course of the series and isn’t in need of rescue all the time anymore. Kona seemed so great in the first book and he did some weird, possessive things in this one. Nov 26, Charis rated it it was amazing.

Tempest Unleashed

The first book was full of life hardships and action and adventure. She tried to be strong and unflappable, but when it came down to it, she always let other people do her work uneashed her or unleaxhed her in beating down the bad guys. I love that they kept the same model on all three of these covers.

The writing is very engaging and the battle scenes had me on the edge of my seat.

Tempest Revealed

Kona arrives and brings news that the merQueen unleasned died and that Tempest has to return once again, only this time going back home may not happen anytime soon. Any prince or King should have more self respect than that!!! There is no real story between him and Tempest to account for the almost crazy obsession he has with her.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but the sequel is even better by far! Does anyone know why it tdacy impossible to find a physical copy of this book? Of course, the first book was supposed to be about that as well, but we didn’t see an actual mermaid scene in the first book yracy the last twenty pages or so. She holds secrets un-necessarily – just for drama factor. Part of my frustration was that Deebs uses italics when they’re having tempest unleashed tracy deebs conversations with each other but doesn’t specify “he said” or “she thought.


Or maybe she could have written a story about Tempest’s future half-mermaid-half-human daughter. Her whole life has changed and not necessarily for the better. This book was really a let down to me after the first one.

I laughed, cried and enjoyed it thoroughly. It just make thing dragging without any specific reason. It made me lose some respect for her, because she just couldn’t seem to make up her mind and it annoyed me. Like stop being a hoe. That was definitely not the case here. It wasn’t as big an issue in the first book because a majority of the plot happened on land even in selkie-ville deebss go up to an island castlewhereas a majority of this one was in the water.

As soon as I flipped to the first page, I knew it was going to be a keeper and eagerly waited tempest unleashed tracy deebs the rest of the series to release. View all 7 comments.