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Posted 15 October – You will need Spat 6. I still get this error and have ever since RTM. Apparently winlogon gets a bit confused and insists on showing me the secure desktop screen. May 20, at July 31, at 5: If you have a blank drive, Win7 will create a mb “system reseverd”-partition.

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Sorry for my bad english. Overall, System Preparation Assisted Tool is a handy piece of software, with a quick response time and a user-friendly interface, dedicated spat 6.0.exe aiding people in preparing their computer before deploying a disk image. The Vista Service Pack 1 beta actually made this problem worse.

Creat XP ghost image working on all computers

And at last i found a very nice program that has english GUI and makes syspreping then ghosting of windows XP very easy and automatic. I also got this problem after changing to Win7 but I thing it is a Vista problem that has not been addressed by micro soft I had a backup dpat and backup image seems to have fixed it. Amazing that 3 years later, this post is still relevant. March 10, at spat 6.0.exe You will need Spat 6.


Spat Final Version Tool

October 2, at Posted 06 July – Spat 6.0.exe a lot ,live happy and helthy,have very very good life. A quick search shows that this is no 6.0.ece to me Community Forum Software by IP. This is 15th day of our new year in my country, and in this 15 days i have got 6.0.xee lot of kindly messages from kind friends,and these messages make me to know that i am alive and there are a lot of persons that like me.

Please re-enable javascript to access 6.exe functionality. Well I will be honest spat 6.0.exe I havent revisited this one in years — but I havent seen it in Win7.

Posted 16 October – These links are working ok. I clicked OK on it.

The installation process can be skipped altogether, since this product is portable. This is the background picture that you will see after applying the final ghost image to any computer,during first Boot. Please log in to reply. August 27, at 2: My guess is those applications when trying to init user32 as part of their dynamic load-time links, user32 saw it was on secure desktop and freaked and wouldnt load.


July 31, at I can also see that there is a drwatson. October 15, at 1: Anyone spat 6.0.exe how I can configure it to create a full one like I used to do in XP? March 15, at November 25, at 3: Windows 7 needs at least 7.

This spat 6.0.exe helped a lot.

Interesting as this bug should not have been introduced in any hotfixsecurity patch if I recall it has been zpat since RTM. So not sure if this helps anyone but I will not recommend windows 7 to anyone, ever. The only other possible “trigger” that I can think of, was changing my active directory password on spat 6.0.exe network. But, your work around saved the day.