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For older versions of Excel before , you can click here to download the old simtools. Runways highlighted in green have the strongest headwind and weakest crosswind components, optimal for takeoffs and landings. MSQRT squarearray returns a lower-triangular matrix square root or Cholesky factor of a given square array. An API key is required and may be obtained using a form under the examples. Solving download problems for XLA files:


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Software Add-ins

The CE’s dependence on the risk tolerance is discontinuous when the risk tolerance is zero, because a slightly lower risk tolerance yields a CE near the maximal income, and a slightly higher risk tolerance yields a CE near the minimal income. Changelog API Reddit light dark.

When saving, make sure that the file’s name has the correct xlam extension that signifies an Excel add-in. GAMINV probability, mean, stdevn returns inverse cumulative values for a gamma random variable, parameterized by its mean and standard deviation.

Roger Myerson | Simtools and Formlist add-ins for Excel

Also available here is Torndiag. Airplane symbol allows to plot the route in the Route Plotter below. But you shouldn’t fly in such conditions anyway! Ssimtools refresh the page when convenient and check Changelog for new features!


Default lower and upper bounds are 0 and 1. If your browser launches Excel instead of saving the files to disk, you should right-click on the above links and select the “Save as Then in Excel, select the Simtools option from the Wimtools Simtools stores the filesystems of the guests in this directory.


Tornado diagrams show how an output value would change as various input parameters are changed, one at a time, from a given best estimate to a given low estimate and a given high estimate.

In particular, installations have been tested using Ubuntu If you have other checklists only from simtoops or aircraft manufacturer sourcesplease get in touch and they will be added!

Older versions of simtools. To handle nonsymmetric correlation arrays generated by Excel’s data-analysis tools, CORAND has been changed to use only smitools lower-left half of the correlArray simgools. TRIANINV probability, lowerbound, mostlikely, upperbound returns inverse cumulative values for a random variable with a triangular probability density. Simtools installs documentation related with the subject and its scenarios in this directory. Solving download problems for XLA files: All materials are the intellectual property of Roger Myerson.

Simtools: Emulating Networks

CE incomes, RiskTolConstRiskTolSlope returns the certainty equivalent of a random draw from the incomes range, for a decision-maker with constant risk tolerance or linear risk tolerance when the optional Ximtools parameter is used. Easy to keep up with, since clicking on an item highlights it in green. Useful for choosing proper aircraft codes for online flying.



sintools Nonnumerical entries in the incomes range are ignored. The left column of the selected range is used for a percentile index, which can be useful for making cumulative-distribution charts after the output data is sorted but the Simulation Table procedure itself does not sort the output data. Simtools depends of the mkisofs package but this package has been replaced by genisofs in Debian.


ODF and North Pacific sijtools i. It can be used to make a table of possible event-sequences that is equivalent to a decision tree. Functions for regression analysis: Used for subjective assessment of correlations. Route plotter and fuel planner.

It can be stored in any disk or folder where you keep Excel workbook. Installation Currently, simtools is only packaged to be installed in Debian-based Linux systems.

XTREMINV probability, mean, stdevn returns inverse cumulative values for an extreme-value or Gumbel random variable, parameterized by its mean and standard deviation. Tailwind is expressed as negative headwind values. FAA charts are also listed for US airports.