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shuma gorath

In reality Agamatto took them for safe-keeping. Shuma-Gorath suddenly reforms and possesses a horde of civilians, causing tentacles to burst out of their mouths. Go to Link Unlink Change. This page was last edited on 27 January , at It is also where The Living Tribunal has placed the throne of the true Satan to keep it and the power it is imbued with from falling into the wrong hands. He then created a replica of Earth, which he proceeded to use as a “voodoo doll” ravaging the real Earth, turning the sky to fire.

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Shuma-Gorath (Old Ones, demon, Dr. Strange and Conan foe)

He is able to communicate telepathically and compel others to do his will, even across dimensions. It also has incredible reality warping powers; however the full scope of its reality warping ability is still unknown. Shuma announced his intentions of consuming Earth, but Dr.

Shuma-Gorath pointed out that Strange was already becoming him and prophesied that the power would corrupt him. Behind the Voice Actors. After Mistress Death was obliterated via a ritual called the “Necropsy”, Shuma-Gorath and its brethren were able to smash down the doors separating them from Earth and fill the entire reality, transforming it into the nightmarish Cancerverse. When they learned from one of Zola’s underlings that there was no way to cure the virus the Invaders decided to contain the highly contagious virus by slaying every infected specimen in Vliet after one of the infected, but not yet mutated, residents asked them to.

In attempting to destroy Death itself, the entity and its allies are rendered inert by the conceptual form of Death and subsequently are trapped in the cancerverse when it is destroyed.



Aware that the magical barriers were eliminated, Shuma-Gorath commanded the Old Ones to begin their assault on Earth. As they battled Shuma-Gorath boasted that Dr. Once they were down, Shuma-Gorath appeared in downtown Manhattan before the new Mighty Avengers and proclaimed that the Earth was his.

Shuma-Gorath is eventually revealed to be one of the four undying extra-dimensional ” multi-angled ones ” guiding a metaphysical invasion from a dimension called the ” cancerverse “. The actions of the Old Ones forced Strange to take innocent lives to save his own, corrupting Strange in the process and preventing him from using his usual White Magic.

Shuma-Gorath (Character) – Comic Vine

The old man wanted to undo the spell, but Zola slew him to prevent that. In his native dimension he is gprath omnipotent. As he finished the 3rd volume, Shuma-Gorath sent down a magical blast which appeared to incinerate the human.

The character’s name is taken from Robert E. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. Overcoming them, Shumma entered the Ancient One’s mind and was treated to hallucinations before finally confronting Shuma-Gorath himself. Howard’s “Curse of the Golden Skull.

Shuma-Gorath was once again banished back to its dimension but not before it almost killed Stephen Strange. Marvel Premiere 10 – Shuma-Gorath had suhma to enter the earth-plane, through the Ancient One’s mind. This causes death, destruction, and pain across the globe and shattered Shuma-Gorath’s body, causing Strange to merge with Shuma-Gorath.

In it was a black hole, gprath spoke to him with Shuma-Gorath’s voice. He generates his own mystical power, but is also able to draw energy, mystical or otherwise, from others. This act collapsed the barriers which kept the Old Ones imprisoned in their dimensions, allowing them free reign on Earth, thus granting Shuma-Gorath a foothold on the earthly plane. Shuma-Gorath was imprisoned within the mountain, which was then named Mount Crom, in honor of the god who defeated Shuma-Gorath.


Its Hyper combos are Hyper Mystic Smash in which it hurls a bunch of spiked-balls made from its flesh at the goragh and Chaos Dimension in which it envelops the enemy and drags them to the center of the screen in the air. However this era was marked by abounding sorcery and tremendous warriors, among them Conanwho goath or twice came to face the creature.

Shuma-Gorath has no real xhuma to speak of and has only been harmed by the most powerful magic spells and cosmic abstracts. Spectrum duplicated the shielding symbols forming over Shuma-Gorath to buy the Mighty Avengers more time. Inside Vliet’s fortress Zola loaded a rocket with a bomb containing the virus, but the Invaders stopped the launch and slew Zola who transferred his mind gofath a robot body afterward.

Destroying these artifacts in effect destroyed the magical barriers that kept the Old Ones from entering Earth’s dimension.

This will not affect the original upload Small Medium How do you want the image positioned around text? This side-view fighting game featured characters such as Spider- Man, Wolverine, Juggernaut, Iron Man, Blackheart, and others competing for the Infinity Gems, in a very loose adaptation of the Inifinity Gauntlet story line.

While fighting a losing battle with the demon, a battle felt by mystics the world over, Strange realized he must destroy the Ancient One’s ego in order to prevent Shuma-Gorath’s victory. Most people have no idea who Shuma-Gorath is, leading torath a number of web sites mostly from video game fans that describe him erroneously, ranging from his being an evil version of the Ancient One, to another dimension’s sorcerer supreme, gorah consumed his reality and hungers for ours!!!