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Bug – Flash Versions Hi ololo, thanks for the suggestions. Please ask a new question if you need help. My next move is to install YesScript if the hangs keep happening. How to make chrome work with flash-plugin?

shockwave flash 11.9 r900

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That will no longer be a Flash Player problem, and you would do better to post a new thread by asking a new question, But be sure to mention this thread permalink. I tried to update but it didn’t work.

Although not intended for personal use it is better to use for trouble shooting than the standard Fx Teie postitus hinnatakse kasulikuks. Related questions unable to install popular softwares in fedora 18 Why is there sound noise shockwace watching some Youtube videos? I finally uninstalled Firefox completely and on a whim, thought I would install Seamonkey.

shockwave flash 11.9 r900

I tried reinstalling from different sources but no use. Hello, Based on your plugins list, looks like you are having multiple versions of Flash still installed. They don’t show a log because they just stop working and Windows shuts them down. I try to avoid using Windows these days and do not understand.


Most will not even open and the ones that do quickly crash. A lot of pages require them to run simultaneously. The plug in crashes as soon as I try to access any Flash site. They included finding a windows update that hadn’t been done an update to. Kas soovite profiili foorumis vaadata? I’ve enabled “Block all sites flxsh using the camera and microphone” too. That is totally unacceptable.

That comes from being away from that line of thinking for around 30 years.

Download the stand-alone installer or uninstaller for Shockwave

Why does flash player only work if I run firefox as root? Once I can do that I think it will work together because none of this happened until the newest version was installed. This has affected most of my video editing and conversion software. Latest Chrome comes with Flash Version And did it work? Personally I certainly agree shpckwave your idea of the script for making disabling protected mode easier.

shockwave flash 11.9 r900

You need to replace this file in C: NET framework was updated. Brand name of computer?


Shockwave/flash player problems URGENT ASSISTANCE REQUIRED – Google Chrome Abi

Selle liikme profiili vaatamiseks peate praeguselt abilehelt lahkuma. Question owner Finally got my head sorted out enuf to fix things shockwwave Flash is now working. Things have gotten worse.

Having Flash not working has been painful because I don’t want to put the time into fixing syockwave. I have clicked on the Update Now link, downloaded and installed the Adobe recommended update, multiple times, while also restarting FIrefox multiple times afterward, but FIrefox refuses to think the plugin has been properly updated. Asking me all if you have a question.

Read this answer in context 2. Please ask a new question if you need help.