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There are four buttons. This is a useful starting point which just saves you a Zoombini. One cliff is allergic to a feature, the other is allergic to other Zoombinis. A possible third reason is that I think that the other one that is currently on GameFAQs is too comprehensive, and that there are parts of it that are covered too briefly for anyone using it as a walkthrough. The easiest way is to take Captain Cajun’s boat across. For step 6, run the CD drive on the virtual machine. I recently discovered that Logical Adventure of the Zoombinis was released on Steam over a year ago and was quite excited to play it again.

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The rest is hard in a play zoombinis climatic way, but nothing extremely bad. You must help Zoombinis into a room at the last minute, but the management at the hotel is unbelievably picky about where Zoombinis sit.

Put a Play zoombinis on an arrow to place it in a bubble. Crabs will take a path from top to bottom, disrupting your toad’s progress. Obviously, this is not what you want. Trolls will block your way until you can satisfy them by making a pizza. However, they must line up in groups, otherwise a gate will close, blocking the path. Find a Zoombini that can take the one other route to the first static field and set it aside. You will play zoombinis to work out the rules that govern where different mudballs hit, according to their properties: An interlocking network of hexagons.


This is what I did.

How to: Run *original* Zoombinis on Windows, easy : Zoombini

No impossible puzzle bugs, just good old fashioned lo-res fun. The cliff faces on the other side have unusual allergies to Zoombinis: Secondly, I have recently finished the game, and play zoombinis that this would be the best time to write about Zoombini’s Logical Journey, lest I forget.

There are now strange filters changing what your Zoombini play zoombinis like, as well as the crystal on the other end. There is an obvious pattern that, at most, you will only need spend 3 mudballs deciphering.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Find paths on the lily pads. Again, a warm-up to understanding the Mirror Machine. You need exactly 16 Zoombinis to set off. Find play zoombinis Zoombini with the one feature that leads to a static field via this route, and set it to the side. By doing so, they take the zoombinis from captivity on Zoombini Isle to freedom in Zoombiniville.

You have to have the image mounted to play the game, a la old school gaming. From here, try to work out the logical way to get play zoombinis the other Zoombinis through. Ideally, you would want to hit all light grey spots before your mud runs out. If it is placed on a correct block, nothing happens. The first section you go through has a colored button to go to the next part.


A 2×8 rectangle of seats.


play zoombinis You want zoombins play zoombinis them to the top-right. When a Zoombini goes over a button of the same color as the field, a Zoombini on the field moves in the direction it was going before it was trapped.

There are a few side paths plat Zoombinis with features of different kinds. Two sections, not necessarily in the order written here. Only Zoombinis standing on a glowing hexagon red or blue will go up. To make a Fleen come out, put a Zoombini in the gap between hedges. Generally, you solve puzzles by clicking on an object to pick it up, and clicking on a glowing area to release it. Therefore, two Zoombinis with different feet would attract two Fleens with different feet.