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See below on this page for tutorial help about the Keyframes window. Click the stopwatch icon to vary the control over time. SpiceMaster has lots of ready-made effects you can apply instantly. C Load Section Preset. Click here to BUY. SpiceMaster is much more than a video transitions plugin!

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To save your own custom presets in the Effects Browser, use SpiceMaster controls to set up the desired look, then click the Save button in the main 22.5 control area. See our other plugins, too!

Pixelan Spice Master 2.5 Pro For Adobe Premiere 6.5 Free Download By Zia Premiere Expert

To scrub to a particular frame, drag the long slider that is under the preview. In the purchased version, you can also modify any saved setting to create your own, or create new saved settings from scratch. Click a subfolder in the Library’s left pane, as shown below. To access it, click the? Click here to BUY. Mix and match them with any chosen spice effect to form thousands spicmeaster additional custom effects quickly! Each control is individually keyframable.


Easily pixelan spicemaster pro 2.5 hundreds of new effect variations! Note you can play the preview while making adjustments!

Pixelan Spicemaster Pro 2.5

Or hover your cursor over any control to see extensive context-sensitive help and tips. Use them for unique video transition geometries and for unique ways to animate your other video effects within a single clip. A separate Keyframes window will open see additional Keyframing help below.

Click the disk to save a favorite effect as a preset you can re-load instantly.

Click here to BUY. SpiceMaster is a video transitions plugin for Windowspixflan Windows SpiceMaster Easy Steps Choose from hundreds of professional presets plus your saved favorites via a large animated Effects Browser window.

Click here to be email-notified. Click here for details. See our other plugins, too! Sorry, we have no Mac pixean currently, but may soon! Click an FX folder icon to pixelan spicemaster pro 2.5 change only the controls in that section via handy presets we have developed.

We have organized the saved settings into subfolders for spiicemaster convenience. Or with a few clicks, easily combine presets into thousands of compelling new video transitions or effects! NO steep learning curve or fat manual, unlike other video FX software. Smoothly accelerate or decelerate virtually any SpiceMaster quality with just a few clicks. Click here for details. Thumbnail-size previews of available effects will then play in the right pane so you can visually compare and choose the best effect design for your segment.


SpiceMaster Transition Plugin Help & Technical Support | Pixelan

From subtle ‘directional’ dissolves to cutting-edge looks, SpiceMaster gives you fresh, USEFUL alternative transitions to the typical hard-edged video transitions and overused 3D moves found in your video editing software. Spice Library Each ‘spice’ is a specially-designed grayscale map that guides SpiceMaster.

Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but may soon! See below on this webpage for more info. See below on this page for tutorial help about the Keyframes window. Click the Click here to load a preset