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I still can’t find any on the market that are better. I was thinking of upgrading to the very latest 5. The one I have now has FW 4. Hey everyone, I’m curious Samsung Galaxy A50 review. Review Pictures Compare Specifications. Which firmware would you say is the BEST from day one to now?

nokia 6230 firmware 5.50

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He said he got his from England. Still the speed is same as ever like lightening! Firmeare regards to your problem it could be a simple matter where your headset is not switched on.

Nokia – User opinions and reviews – page 58

66230 Pictures Compare Specifications. It has everything you need to live in a city, works excellent with a 1 Gb MMC card for many, many songs good pictures at night and it works after getting wet! Bluetooth and infrarred is excellent for downloading pictures easy and fast. Because to minimize the file size in recording the video, the video bit rate is optimized to 50bits per second.


Actually 6203 have software v Hi, great phone, but how do I activate MMS, at the moment everything gets saved to outbox but goes no where, please help. Shockingly though I came across someone who’s time and date stays intact no matter how long the battery is out. Manual says mmc up to MB.

Samsung Galaxy A50 review.

nokia 6230 firmware 5.50

I strongly recomend it. You can use 1gb MMC card with latest firmware without any problem. To find out your firmware version type the following on the open screen. Sound is not that much good compared to i.

Can anyone tell me if 5. I used change phone 5.50 couple of months but have this one for 2 years now. I still can’t find any on the market that are better.

nokia 6230 firmware 5.50

Hi, I need your help. I need to know something: It is a very good phone. Which is the latest firmware for this phone, I have: I ask this question because I had aparted with it and got back firmawre one.

Nokia is the best. Thats is why nokia decided to reduce the size by compromising with the bitrate. On problem at all.


Camera quality could not be increased. Just got the phone a few days back, had a couple of motorola’s earlier. Can this Nokia support Java 2?

RH-12 Nokia 6230 firmware for Phoenix

To Shuvro, mine also resets the time and date whenever the battery is taken out. The one I have now has Firkware 4. You need to fill me in letting me know the steps you have taken so far in trying to get your headset and phone to work together, then I will further be able to assit you. If you record stable objects with slow moving, the quality seems better. The best quality bitrate for this phone is bitrate per second.

nokia 6230 firmware 5.50