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If you want a second element, choose Water element. For now it work only for pets:. Ninja Saga TP Hack. Click On Tools 2. Theme Design by Good Design Web.

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For now it work only for pets:. Click On Tools 2.

Ninja Saga Hack Token Permanent with Fiddler2 – Free download

Log into Ninja Fjles 2. You can also train Eight Extremities. Clear your browser’s cache 2 Times 4. Uncheck All Except Cache 4. Ninja Saga Pet Cheat.

It reduces the cooldown of all ninja saga fiddler2 swf files skills immediately by 4 – can be upgraded excluding talents and kinjutsu. Attacking Tips You will always attack first, unless you have a pure Wind user opponent. Ok Guys This Time we need Fiddler to gain some cheat then this is what we need: Also you have the chance to attack times depending on the agility gap between you and your opponent.


For other codes of missions will get error. Then Play Ninja Saga. You can get ewf via friends wall. Ninja Saga Instant Learn Skill. Your damage is low so it will take more blows to kill an opponent. Introduction This is my first guide on how to raise a ninja with a pure wind build.

Ninja Saga TP Hack. Get Hidden Silhouette as your second Secret Talent. About Me Ayasaki Nelman View my complete profile.

Download Extractt Files To Folder. This guide is based on my experience. Go To Headquarters 5.

Ninja Saga Fiddler2 Permanent

This is your only chance of dealing damage. As a pure wind user, you rely on your stun-lock and restriction skills. At the time of writing, the level cap fkddler2 Ninja Saga is How to raise Char with has have Pure Wind. Open The Charles 3. If you want a second element, choose Water element. Also be observant of the skill cooldowns. So you can only put 80 stats maximum in an attribute to your profile.


Hey Guys is there of you out of Gold in Ninja Saga? Cast Evasion or ifles your target. If you have any suggestion or a much better guide for a Pure Wind user, drop them in the comments. Open The Ninja Saga 2.