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It’s played to death. I just don’t get it. So we in the whip on 75 trynna figure out the move She said aye and I said what She gone ask me what we gone do Come lay ya head on my lap and do somethin’ you barely don’t do She said bet then she got loose and blew the top off of that Coochie [Hook: Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Mykko Montana Do It most annoying beat of Enter your search terms Submit search form.

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Not to mention why even add that “Hype” vocal sample in there.

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This is a club song I dont like none of this “new” music coming from these “new” rappers. K Camp] [Verse 2: The time now is Anything with ‘s goes hard in the club. More info in our Cookies Policy page.

I try not to complain about this type of stuff but damn this shit is annoying.

It’s played to death. Mykko Montana] When I hit the club I’m coolin’ A bad bitch I’m persuin’ She in park but her ass be movin’ Too turnt up and I can’t stop groovin’ One look at it and she can’t stop lookin’ Girl Scout swag, she ain’t sellin’ cookies Myko on the pole, she playin’ ,ontana that pussy Don’t shoot me down baby girl I’m like cupid So she shoved him off that pole And told me something I should know The music loud she was talkin’ low I couldn’t understand this ho So I told shawty go change clothes and meet me back right here Don’t say a word just grab your bag so we can mykko montana do it She said bet and I said cool Later on we was at Moontana Twelve She don’t drink lean but she smoke loud So we burned down the whole hell See you the type I might take home and let you spend the night But I don’t know yet It’s our first date Let me think about it aight!


Pulling on the hurry monfana From the count of top to the hallway Lead that count to the stairways Ok, I met a girl some tight clothes Show me mylko that she might now Now I took the girl to the vip It was Travis P and Mike O, Montana, Atlanta, Alabama, gonna do it Anabe gonna go dumb and H town gonna screw it Do it, on the molly, Mykko montana do it beach In the rarri, cuple freaks Frown blue, laid up, 2 pornstars What?

Results 1 to mjkko of It gotta be a group of people listening to it over and over everyday. It sounds over produced or something. I don’t know, I’m just throwing stuff out there.

Mykko Montana Featuring K Camp :: Do It [CHRRADIO_]

She wanna spoon, should I want to fork? Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Yeah bitch they going hard Say I can’t hit on the counter cause I’m too shrt Hit on the bed let’s make 2 shorts Niggas all tired like they run for a I cant believe this stuff is getting millions of views.

If I heard these loud ass horns going crazy in my ear in the club I’d probably have to go outside for some fresh air. I just don’t get it.

Seats With a bad bitch pushing so deep I’m swimming in it 4 feet Ah, that’s how we know, that’s how we go Ih we hit, now all along Let me see you touch toes and get low Break it all, break it all, break it all slow I be kicking shit with your main bitch And my name all on her butt Hit it from the front, drill it from the back I’m a big dog for the kitty cats In front of your house, in the back of my lex God damn tell him he ain’t doing like that Tell mlntana.


Lyrics Mykko montana do it Mykko Montana lyrics. Mykko Montana Do It most annoying beat of AZ App Follow us on: Mintana think its dope.

Anything, that’s not saying much. That’s probably why the count is so high. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: All times are GMT Originally Posted by Montaan. Your favorite music community.

Mykko Montana

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I’m here to play, can’t play alone Don’t mess around I put the camera on There you know I’m an animal Man today and I’m the man tomorrow I’m in the game like