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Support single device MP. Shaped as letters “B” in the name of the controller is important! Instructions on how to use: If it does not identify the Part-Number, you will have to take the flash stick apart and read the very small print on the controller chip. Add LED Mode blink function. Fixed Product Name error.

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Connect Flash, Windows will offer to install the driver on the The utility URescue v1. Super Stick Recovery Tool V1. Remove usb mode setting function.

Efficiency program has not been tested.

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Add 8K page flash sorting Toshiba flash. Designed for buy textbooks – giftbasketmama. Instructions on yt165 to mptool ut165 Instructions on how to use the tool: Usually a link is installed on the Windows Desktop. Release note ABC Confi Modify bad block tolerance and BinSelect text. Support Toshiba 43nm flash. New Product View Product Index.


UT165 MP_Tool_V1.65.14.0.rar

Add [Fixed serial number generation] option. If all is well you should see some sort of successful indication. Fix some 2k flash 0x88 issue. I would recommend using them on an XP system only. Here my info my usb. Utility to flash drive controllers UT firm Mptool ut165. There is a list uh165 supported memory.

Delete “F1″select device UT function Ver 1. Hynix 60nm flash force single plane security area copy fail. Adjust tolerance for Micron MLC flash.

At this point a driver may be loaded. Click on the Parameter Input tab and change the Serial Number option so that it will not change the serial number if you want to keep the same mptool ut165 number as it had before.

Mptoo, suitable for controllers without it! Click on the F1 Setting button and set the correct values in all fields under the Vendor Data tab to match those reported by ChipGenius. Improved flash quick format speed at WinXP. You can usually ,ptool a mptool ut165 as to how thoroughly they test the memory by how long it takes the utility to program the controller and format the memory.


There is a table comparing the different speed memory modules. Add active write image function. This means that if the Lexar BootIt. Perhaps the utility for this and for the controller UT Public is allowed to set as 0MB if hidden area exist.

Display “SearchBlk” message in status bar.