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To change a composite field setting, click on the desired box and digit or select the new data or option. If the user name or the user password is wrong, an error window will be displayed. Digit the New external field name into the related box and click on the OK button. This values are measured in steps. The selected path is displayed in the Databases path field. To set this function, select the Options command from the Options menu and click on the ReadBack folder into the Production Options window.

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For all the customizations see the previous paragraphs. Define a primary maticard selecting the desired database filed into the Field key field. To make a Search, press the related button and see Paragraph 4.

Matica | Technologies For A Safe World

To maticard the components of the composite field, click on the desired field name into the Fields list box. Digit the New special field name into the related field, and click on the OK button. Job connected with a database. Maticard the profile to become the current user into the User combo box and its Password into the related box; then click on the Continue button.

Once the job is saved, click on the Edit button to insert Laser features.

Maticard Software Manual rev3.01

By clicking on the Maticard operations icon, the Technical operations window will be opened, showing information about the machine and the Maticard module. Click Ok in the Select database window to link the database to the job. In this way the Machine Reset window will be displayed. Otherwise, the character is show typing the position in the Codepoint field and then Enter; to select the desired character click Go to character button or type Enter.


To adjust the editing area dimensions, digit the width value into the W box and the height value into maticard H box.

In the Document sector, it is possible maticard select the Fixed document to print a single letter by Wordor Variable letters selecting in mzticard Source field the complete path of the folder where different letters maticard saved.

The number of the current displayed record maticard shown between the function buttons. In the Preview Font field, it is also possible to define fonts and sizes for the characters preview, selecting the fonts from the scroll menu and typing the desired character size.

For the front side the following functions maticadr available: The Field parameter sets the field used to perform the Readback verify.

Maticard Pro installation

Double click on the inserted shape maticard the Rectangle Options window will be displayed. To set this function, select the Options command from the Options menu and click on the Maticard folder into the Production Options window.

In both cases, the Overlay Settings window will be displayed. Otherwise, if the Fixed option is enabled, the Image parameter sets the fixed image path.

Maticard Matica id badge design software

To insert a barcode, select the Object command from the Maticard menu maticard the Object window will be displayed.

To show the fields of all the layout objects related to the next record of the connected database maticard respect to the current displayed one, click the Next button. Now click into the following line marked with the asterisk; then chose the second element to aggregate to maticard first one; this element could be a second field selected into the Element combo box or a fixed text inserted into the Text box.


The selected path is displayed in the Logs path field. To set the images path click the folder button aside the Images path field.

If the chosen source data is a chip, the Mode combo box becomes available; select into this box the chip communication interface.

This window shows all the connected maticard table fields in the Field column. To set the default directory to open when the Open button on the tool bar is selected, digit the directory path into the Jobs Path box or browse is with the Maticard button maticard the box.

During the production the Maticard Pro will show the production window to allow error management. The Verify Redoing option into the Logs Production Options had to be check marked to enable this function see Paragraph 5. The added mticard is displayed in the Filed definition area.

To calculate and show the check digit character of maticard selected barcode, check mark the Compute Check Digit option. Max sheets in machine mahicard the max number of sheets in machine. Select the maicard Language in the related from the combo box.

The screenshot showed into this manual version are taken from MatiCard version 3.