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Novi Sad – Spens Dvorana. His music is characterized by folk motifs transformed in his genuine manner of interpretation of the rhythm: Garabet Tavitjan was performing, playing also recording concerts and tours with: Tavitjan has performances with: Concerts in live during the re-union tour 15 concerts on the Balkan of Leb i sol in

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Garabet Tavitjan was performing, playing also recording concerts and tours with: His first contact with drums was through his father Garabet Tavitjan, one of the best drummers on Balkans. Legendary band with 14 albums and collections cd-s.

Garo Tavitjan

Tavitjan is the composer of the music for the “Alesandar Veliki” dramatic play in theatre. Garabet Tavitjan – Garo was born in Skopje in Garabet Tavitjan was part of the legendary band called Leb i sol where he was also composer of a legendary compositions.

Concert in live at the Kusrumlian in Skopje. Leb i Sol in Skopje Metropolis Arena. Thay have won many awards in their prime time in Yugoslavia and abroad. This video concert was presented at the international Film Festival “Golden Rose” in Montre as a unique concept with percussions,piano and many diferent drums. Novi Sad – Spens Dvorana. On those movies Garabet was making arrangements for the drums and percussion parts. Garabet Tavitjan have performed more than concerts not gigs or club performancesbig concerts mostly in big arenas,concert halls and stadiums.


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He presented himself as a master of his instrument – the drums, playing role of composer, a score writer, and a multi-instrumentalist. Of course young generation have learned so much from this legendary master musician. Born in Skopje, Garo Tavitjan started playing drums makedonsko srce cuka vo 7 8 piano at early age. Legendary balkan drummer who is known worldwide. As a Pop producer and composer Garo Tavitjan is active with more than 50 songs including 14 songs for famouse singer Eva Nedinkovska and many more songs and arrangements for artist such as: He have established a reputation during his career as the best drummer on the balkan.

Garabet Tavitjan is the greatest Macedonian drummer, one of the most respected music ambassadors among the few musicians who enjoy the privilege of having “legendary” status in the music world of the Balkans, Europe and beyond. Main priority of this project is Macedonian rhythm and irregular grooves presented on a very high level with deep expression and virtuosity. He start playing drums at age of 12 when he took part as a drummer in almost every important group in Yugoslavia.

Makedonsko srce Croatia Records. Here is the concert of Tavitjan Brothers and the legendary Balkan singers. Makedonsko srce City Records.



In he became a member of the greatest Macedonian rock band “Leb i Sol”. Garo has distinguished himself as a superb instrumentalist in his professional collaboration with the most prominent musicians from the both this part of the world and abroad. From early years he was noticed like extraordinary talent and hi-potential musician. Also Leb i sol was making music for famous movies such as: Tavitjan has performances with: After finishing music school, he received a fellowship from the prestigious American musical college Berklee College of music in Boston.

Garo has received makrdonsko number makedonsko srce cuka vo 7 8 awards at percussion and drum competitions and festivals while he studied and also awards for the “Best jazz cua of the year ” called “Personal View” featuring: His music is characterized by folk motifs transformed in his genuine manner of interpretation of the rhythm: He has played concerts in: This project was presented with a concert cuuka the stadium in Skopje in front of He attended music school in Skopje and studied drums, percussions and piano.