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It fights darkness using the holy sword Excalibur on its right arm, and the Beam Shield equipped on its left. Evolves from Angemon or Tailmon. Dan pada saat perubahan Holyangemon adalah perubahan yang saya tunggu-tunggu dan berhasil membuat Piemon kalah dalam pertarungan dark master. In ” The Last Armor Evolution” , an incarnation of Holy Angemon appears in the world of dreams when Takeru evolved Patamon into all of his possible evolutions. Please check out the original post in the comments below and support the artist. But when it disappeared when they tried to cross over into the Digital World. MagnaAngemon’s mission in the Digital World is as a law enforcement officer, and has the duties of supervision and surveillance of the many angel type Digimon.

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Illustration for the Digimon Web Official Twitter.

He attacks the enemy with his holy sword ‘Excalibur’ and his Beam Shield that are equipped on his left and right arms respectively when in his battle clothes. The guardian angel of the fortress of justice, it purifies evil with its holy light! On display at SDCC! Holy Angemon’s mission in the Digital World is to act as a law enforcement officer, and it has the duty of supervising and surveying magnaanbemon masses of Angel Magnaangemoon. The last time he appears is when TK helps Patamon digivolve into his three forms: The Holy Warrior Without Fear He can evolve to Seraphimon if above level Please visit georgeevangelista profile and support him for his work.


Paling Favorite cara Berevolusinya Angemon ke Holiangemon dan musiknya sangat cocokkk pake banget untuk berevolusi “angel” yg menggambarkan sosok angel yang berwibawa,menawan serta gagah dan bijaksana sprti holiangemon ini He is considerably more powerful than the other Ultimates, and on a similar level maynaangemon Piedmon or the DigiDestined’s Megas.

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Voting Info Voting Sites. Rams the opponent with its beam shield. Dan pada saat perubahan Holyangemon adalah perubahan yang saya tunggu-tunggu dan berhasil membuat Piemon kalah dalam pertarungan dark master. Digital Card Arena small portrait Digital Monster: Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page.

This is going to be such a beautiful piece for any Digimon collector!!

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D1 Tamers portrait Digimon World: Patamon takes this form briefly in ” Loss ” before evolving more in Seraphimon to fight Mugendramon with Hououmon and Herakle Kabuterimon. His special attack is “Heaven’s Gate”, which sucks the enemy through a door and into an inescapable dimension. It opens the door between dimensions magnaahgemon the unfaltering strength of hope! MagnaAngemon’s unusually high power for an Ultimate Digimon is similar to how his Champion form, Angemon, is strong enough to match most Ultimates.

Evolves from Angemon or Tailmon. He faces Apocalymon in ” The Final Dark Digimon ” but is devolved by Apocalymon’s Death Magnaangemonn attack followed by Apocalymon destroying the Crest of Hope alongside the other crests to prevent him from re-evolving.


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It saved Taiki and his friends from Scorpiomon with its Heaven’s Gate. Digimon Jintrix Digimon Crusader Card.

Digital Card Arena battle portrait, English. MagnaAngemon [1] HolyAngemon [2]. He seemed to be an even match for Black War Greymon until Black War Greymon destroyed the Holy Stone cutting off his power source causing him to devolve back to Patamon. Rushes forward through the air to stab with its outstretched Excalibur.

Holy Angemon

Append content without editing the whole page source. Angemon species digimon digimonline digimonevolution patamon angemon magnaangemon seraphimon goldramon shakkoumon digimonxantibody lucemon slashangemon clavisangemon 6 7 September, Support the artist by checking out the the link to the original post, down in the comments. Digimon Collectors EX Card. Digimon Adventure Digimon Adventure tri. Furthermore, although it is the speaker for the spirit of “Light” trying to preserve the order of the Digital World, and is usually in the shape nagnaangemon a priestwhen the Digital World is shrouded by the spirit of “Darkness”, it changes into its Battle Magnaangfmon and attacks the evil.