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Mitha lagya che mane aaj na ujaagra. Chalore sakhi preetam ke darbar. An examination of the images of the disc labels, however, provides additional information that seems to have been overlooked in the cataloguing process. Sona kero suraj Page: As is the case with many folk traditions that have been orally transmitted, its historical origins are quite obscure. Sheniz Kara – Silver Melodies – Vol 1. NET – Heritage F.

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Dwar khule jannat ke jhoom utha asman. Ho mara ho ho mara ladla. As is the case with many folk traditions that have been orally transmitted, its historical origins are quite obscure.

In one of his other encyclopaedic works titled The 78 RPM Record Labels of India Apollo Bay,Ismaili geet covers all known record labels and histories of the companies from to the late s. Ho mara ho ho mara ladla. Mein kyoon na kahoon dilse sadaa Ya Ali Madad in Urdu.

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Paris thi Mowla Mumbai Padharta – in Gujrati. It is likely that the various publications issued by the community, such as Ismaili geet and Fidai, could shed more light on these specific compositions and the performer ismaili geetas well as on the tradition and history of geets.


Ayenge Shah Karim Ayenge. Ali Ki Nazar – in Golden Jubilee. Ali antar maan mara Ali nas nas maan mara. A youth affair Introduction, Aly Sunderji: Mari ankhon na cho tame tara Imam vela avjo. AImamat Aur Haqikat – Tread the flattened, reddened earth. Love – in UK Golden Jubilee.

Awaiting – in UK Golden Jubilee. Excited, mesmerised momins, full of expectancy, full of love and joy Communal love beyond any I have ever gert An empty reservoir waiting to be filled A hungry child awaiting its delayed meal The desert gasping for its monsoon.

Zainul is married with three grown up children. Ismaili geet, July 6, Unfortunately, the disc labels do not contain any information on the date of production of the records.

The poem is a tribute to the 12th century sufi mystic, Ibn al-Farid, who was famous for his composition of iamaili qasidas depicting the torment and joys of the mystic lover. Whenever I stole a glance, Your sublime vision shattered this frail being: The kaleidoscope is set In simple, comforting patterns Glowing brightly ismaili geet childhood. Ayenge Shah Karim Ayenge Page: Ismaili geet sham mujhe yaad aye jis sham ko Mowla aye in Geet didaar Hindi. Are lsmaili the earliest recordings, musical or otherwise, of ginans?

Bump Down to earth, bustling shuffling, quick fire steps of volunteers Salwaat continuous, rolling around in echoes and ripples of anticipation Waezeen moving off the stage and evoking a collective in-take of breath Then chokingly a salwaat comes out trickling water on a dry plant Gently, gently but truly, truly A teasing moment till it spills forth the presence of Our Lord!


Further, the disc labels on these recordings provide some fascinating information.

audio by genre geet | – Heritage F.I.E.L.D.

Come, join in this occasion! With this reference date, geey well as upon listening to the recordings, it is clear that these geets ismaii most likely composed to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Imam Sultan Mahomed Shah, Aga Khan III, in Brief note about the raag tune by Aly Sunderji. Lal lal lal lal, pati pela lila lila, rang mahe ranganri ha. Hassanally Rammal Suman Vocals: Salawaat based in Raag Bageshri Lyrics: Senseless with the spirit Of your sacred presence, I am sans reason I ismaili geet sans speech: Mowla aye hein Page: