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Our web interface supports modern browsers on tablets and phones, which gives you the ability to acknowledge a network capacity issue directly from your device at any time. Every time InterMapper tests a device, it collects operational statistics. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. InterMapper is an industrial strength monitoring, mapping and alerting tool which empowers network administratorsto maintain healthy IT environments. Features of sub-maps include:. Learn how to get the most out of Layer 2. Its efficient, low-bandwidth polling engine can scale to test thousands of devices.

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Hierarchical maps give users intermapper ability to view the network in varying levels of detail. Application Monitoring Intermapper Proactively monitor applications inrermapper ensure quality service When InterMapper is used for application monitoring, it enables your organization to monitor and control the performance of your mission-critical software tools.

You choose the intermapper that matter to you and customize threshold settings at the device or interface level to minimize background noise. Your network at a glance”.

Change the intermapper you install and update apps with the all new MacUpdate Desktop. All my colleagues love it! InterMapper Reports allows the network administrator to easily disseminate critical information. Polling is separate from graphics rendering, allowing the network monitoring process to proceed at high speed. With just a glance at your maps, you can determine that: This information includes intermapper time, packet loss, and other values intermapper to that probe.


With hierarchical maps, you can:. Intermapper Features Network Monitoring Features. Not Likely Extremely Likely. InterMapper needs a rating. Any value that Intermapper displays in a status window can be charted. ijtermapper

An issue with false alarm notifications under certain intermappwr has been resolved. Monitoring Across Multiple Protocols Use intermapper protocols InterMapper can monitor network performance for virtually any equipment using intermapper of its built-in probes.

User-created probes can collect important data for custom applications and are available for download.

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intermapper For instance, set a delay to avoid notifying for short outages or minor problems. Date 17 Nov Once you have intermapper map set up, you can use it for day-to-day management, always armed with an accurate intermapper of the most recent state of your network to intermapper with troubleshooting.

About Intermapper Intermapper is network mapping and monitoring software for Mac, Linux, and Windows. The following use cases demonstrate the intermapper of the increased visibility available with Layer Color-coded icons indicate the severity level of routers, switches, servers, workstations, and more.


Having a liveview of your network enables planning of hardware, software and bandwidth requirements to maximize uptime with minimal intermapper.

Customize probes to monitor anything on your network, including environmental sensors, facilities systems, industrial equipment, and more. Best Bang for Buck! First-year support is required. Green indicates a normally functioning device. Retrieved from ” https: Our network mapping software allows you to create sub-maps, which display a hierarchical view of your network. Dartware was purchased from the original founders in Decemberby HelpSystems.


Fully integrated with InterMapper, Intermapper 2 gives you a granular view of lntermapper intermapper connections, enabling significant improvements in network management. Find the switch, port, MAC and vendor info for that computer. Based on the number of monitored devices.