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These breeding materials were initially selected from preliminary and advanced nurseries in and , thereafter evaluated in variety yield trials from to cropping season. It was developed from landrace population through pure line selection by Sinana Agricultural Center barley breeding program. As usual in MEYT a number of genotypes are tested over a number of sites and years to see adaptation of the crop. Allows data transposition and visualization of any subset of the original data, which makes the program many times more effective. Recently, Yan and Yan et al.

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Thus, such genotype with above average mean performance could be selected for future breeding where as the remaining genotypes was rejected.

GGE biplot analysis using PBTools [2014]

Regarding testing environments, there exist two possible mega environments Mega-1 and 2 in Gge biplot full version highlands of Southeastern Ethiopia. Average Environment Axis AEA is the line that passes through the average environment represented by small circle and biplot origin. This result revealed that there was a differential yield performance among barley genotypes across testing environments due to the presence of GEI.

The remaining two environments, E11 and E7 were contained in sector 8 and Q Shage cultivar being the winner for this sector. Therefore, the objectives of this study were: Data can ghe in. Association of weather variable with genotype-environment interaction in grain Sorghum. Therefore, the objectives of this study were:.


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The length of concentric circles on the biplot helps to visualize the length of the environment vectors which is proportional to standard deviation with in the respective environments on the biplot and also shows the discriminating ability of the environments Yan and Tinker, Therefore, genotypes with above average means were from I to R except genotype C on the graph, while genotype from N to D except genotype N indicate genotypes with below average means Fig.

Eliminating less associated variables to eliminate the over-parameterization problem. In this regard, genotype I and K performed well in E6 and E3 than in others. The discriminability and representativeness view of the GGE-biplot to show the discriminating ability and representativeness of the test environments.

As barley is one of the most important cereal food crop in highlands of Ethiopia and Bale highlands in the Southeastern part of Ethiopia are among the major barley producing areas where barley is the second most important crop next to wheat in area coverage and production on small scale holdings EASE, Free switch among Gge biplot full version different biplots.

Biplot analysis of genotype by environment interaction for barley yield gge biplot full version Iran.

alpha pronos :: Gge Biplot Full Version

Selecting oat lines for yield in low productivity environments. Such genotype has very minimum contribution to ggs G and GE interaction. The image can be directly saved gge biplot full version image files, which can be inserted into any Microsoft Office documents and used directly for publication and presentation. Environment PC1 scores had both negative and positive scores indicating that there was a difference in rankings of yield performance among genotypes across environments leading to cross over GEI.


Data can be in 1. Some of the usages have not even published. Adaptation to low or high input cultivation. Selection environment and environmental sensitivity in barley. On the other hand, Fig. Read data from most Windows Media. A descriptive method for grouping genotypes.

Whereas, the other group, consisted of five high yielding but unstable genotypes, i. The first mega environment Versikn was consisting of nine environments which are found in sector 1 and 2 with the genotype I Shasho 22 Go- 1 Sn98B being the best winner in these environments. Results displayed both graphically and numerically. Specific adaptation and breeding for marginal conditions. Statistical analyses of multilocation trials.

The existence of significant correlation between environments showed that the obtained information was very similar so that testing environment may be bjplot to minimize cost with out gge biplot full version affecting the validity of information.

In ranking genotypes based on their performance in an environment, a line is drawn that passes through the biplot origin and the environment.