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Hope many will join us here. Got it, continue to print. Happy New Year to all. Do not transmit music. Cannot remember His callsign..

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Also, you will be able to post messages into the QsoNet discussion forum. The so-called “virtual ionosphere” to allow legally licensed amateurs world-wide the ability to make QSOs via the Internet. No, there’s cq100 a lot of activity on CQ either and no, it’s not real ham radio, but its a lot better than none at all.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Do not use a frequency that is already in use. Licensed hams can use it for 90 days free, then it’s only a bit over 30 bucks for a year.

Please visit the website at http: Cq100, the “free competition”: Cq100 installing transceiver software, QsoNet stations are connected to a central server by a single, outbound TCP connection. C1q00 a missed opportunity here to use “simulated modes” to recruit and acclimate non-hams into the hobby and cq100 money doing it! How do I pay?


CQ100 chat

And in the case of Echolink and Remotehams. If you see no mic volume, or cq100 set the desired level, click the corner “? N9DSJ cq100, Dec 10, But I’m very frustrated with the areas where it misses the mark.

Move the Mic Gain knob until your voice is peaking S9 to 10 level xq100 you are transmitting. Everything is done over the internet.

It’s also great for those of us living in heavily deed-restricted HOAs or retirement living in apartments, condos, etc. Add to my manuals Cq100.

Cormac CQ100 Manual

cq100 I have tried out the CQ transceiver for amateur radio and I have mixed emotions over it. You can always watch TV or read a book. The result is a simulated ionosphere for worldwide amateur radio communication.

Again it cq100 the Internet and not AR. How does cq100 work? CQ Beta Version 0. I would recommend it on principle. Your name or email dq100 I have in no way been compensated for my review. This program could be hotbed of recruitment into the hobby, while increasing it’s activity level.



Very nice people and cq100 have cq010 free 90 day cq100 for you to try. It works like HF radio, has rules and requires a current license. It allows me to keep in contact with cq100 hams that can no longer get on the air due to living circumstances no antennas etc. I did like the fact that CQ limits use to only licensed amateurs and does a check to ensure you really are the license holder, unlike Hamsphere.

These new “off air modes” are an important development in ham radio and need to be supported. What are the rules?