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burung conure

It is easily confused with the closely related jandaya parakeet and sulphur-breasted parakeet, but the former has entirely green wing-coverts, mantle, and vent, while the latter has green mottling to the mantle and less orange to the underparts. In the wild, hybrids between the jandaya parakeet and golden-capped parakeet have been reported in their limited area of contact, but most such individuals could be subadults which easily could be confused with hybrids. The adult male and female are similar in appearance, with predominantly golden-yellow plumage and orange-flushed underparts and face. It is very rare in French Guiana, but may breed in the southern part of the country this remains unconfirmed. Cassell’s Latin Dictionary 5th ed. They are popular as pets because of their bright coloration and curious nature. They require more protein intake during breeding season, more carbohydrates when rearing young, and more calcium during egg production.

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In the past, the sun parakeet has been considered safe and listed as least concernbut recent surveys in southern Guyana where previously considered common and the Cohure state Roraima have revealed that it possibly is extirpated from the former and rare in the latter.

They have been known to nest in trees or in cavities of Maurita flexuosa palms. They also occur as vagrants to coastal French Guiana. Views Read Edit View history.

Their speech and ability to learn tricks in captivity are quite moderate. The young depend on their parents for 7 to 8 weeks after hatching, and only become independent after 9 to 12 weeks. Sun conures are currently endangered. Due to their inquisitive temperaments, they demand a great deal of attention from their owners, with whom they can be loving and cuddly. They rarely leave the flock, but when they get separated from the group, they squawk and scream in a high-pitched voice which can carry for hundreds of yards, allowing individuals to communicate with their flock and return to them.


These conures usually inhabit fruiting trees and palm groves. Aratinga solstitialis Linnaeus The sun, jandaya, and golden-capped parakeets will all interbreed in captivity the sulphur-breasted also likely will interbreed with these. From below, all the flight feathers are dark greyish.

Conure Matahari

They may also eat fruit tree buds elderberry bushes, willows, hawthorn, and aspenant eggs, mealworms or their substitutes hard-boiled eggs, conjre, biscuits, hard cheese or low-fat cottage cheese. Males aggressively protect the nest from potential predators.

Sun conures are mostly found in tropical habitats, but their exact ecological requirements remain relatively poorly known. Regardless, the behavior of the two is unlikely to differ to any great extent. The Auk 1: They also have the ability to use their feet like buurung to help hold, examine, or eat items. Sun parakeets are now listed as endangered by the IUCN. Retrieved from ” https: When in molt, conures are uncomfortable, so are easily irritable.

They are widely reported as occurring within dry savanna woodlands and coastal forests, but recent sightings suggest they mainly occur at altitudes less than m, at the edge of humid forests growing in foothills in the Guiana Shieldand cross more open savannah habitats only when traveling between patches of forest.

Bathing, warm rainfalls, and humidity allow the sheaths of each pin feather to open more easily and lessen their discomfort. Fertility rate of sun conures is relatively high.


Sun conures have been seen in shrublands along the Amazon riverbank, as well as forested valleys and coastal, seasonally flooded forests. Typical clutch size is three or four white eggs, and they may be laid in two- to three-day intervals. Pairs may only destroy and eat their eggs in cases of calcium deficiency. Systema naturae per regna tria naturae, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, locis.

Of these, the sulphur-breasted parakeet only received widespread recognition in conrue, having gone unnoticed at least partially due to its resemblance to certain preadult plumages of the sun parakeet. Sun conures are great candidates for outdoor flight when well trained, as they are loyal, but risk fonure must be minimized. Sun parakeet Conservation status. Only after 10 days, they begin to open their eyes and their feather quills break through.

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They enjoy listening to music, to which they occasionally sing and dance. As far as known, the remaining taxa are entirely allopatricalthough the sun parakeet and the sulphur-breasted parakeet possibly come into contact in the southern Guianaswhere some doubts exists over their exact identity. The specific epithet solstitialis is derived from the Latin for ‘of the summer solstice’, hence ‘sunny’, and refers to its golden plumage. Adults have a rich yellow crown, nape, mantle, lesser wing-coverts, tips of the greater wing-coverts, chest, and underwing-coverts.