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Gamyo na jatu marutam chalitachalanam dipoaparastvamasi natha! The monk replied, “What I have to do at the royal place? You are O Master, an irradiating divine lamp that needs neither a wick nor oil,and is smokeless, yet enlightens three realms. Alpashrutam shrutavatam parihasadham tvadbhakti-reva mukhari kurute balanmam. There are forty-eight verses in total. Archived from the original on 9 October As darkness withdraws with the rising of the sun, the armies of daunting kings, creating thunderous uproar of neighing horses and trumpeting elephants, recede when your name is chanted.

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Stotrair jagattri taya chitta harairudaaraih stoshye samskrit tam prathamam jinendram. The prayer praises Rishabhanatha adinaththe first Tirthankara of Jainism in this time cycle. Cheto harishyati satam nalinidaleshu muktaphala dyutim upaiti nanudabinduh.

Bhaktamara Stotra

Udbhutabhishanajalodara – bharabhugnah shochyam dashamupagatashchyutajivitashah tvatpadapankaja-rajoamritadigdhadeha, martya bhavanti makaradhvajatulyarupah. Your devotee is always victorious at the end. The chants and prayers of Manatunga were thus in full brim, flowing with the unbound energy of chain-reaction. Jyanam yatha tvayi vibhati kritavakasham naivam tatha Hari Haradishu nayakeshu.

Similarly numerous women give birth to sons but a remarkable son like you was born only to one mother; you are very special. Looking this miracle, the whole city assembled around the prison in agitation and admiration. Only those go to the court who bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit either concerned with it or have committed an offence. Tejah sfuran manishu yati yatha mahattvam naivam tu bnaktamar kiranakuleapi.


Divyadhvanirbhvati te vishadartha sarva bhasha svabhava parinama gunaih prayojyah. The verses of Bhaktamar are thought to possess magical properties tantra.

He is identified by some scholars as Kshapanaka, one of the Navaratnas in the court of legendary Vikramaditya. It has the soft white radiance of the moon and is decorated with jewels.

The sun suffers eclipse, is obstructed sans,rit the clouds, but you are no such sun. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. O Lord supreme of kn three worlds! O eradicator of the unending cycle of rebirths!

The devotees who have surrendered to you are not scared even of a wild elephant being incessantly annoyed by humming bees. Bhaktamara Stotra is recited by many with religious regularity.

Bhaktamara Stotra – Wikipedia

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. I bow to you. Svargapavarga gama marga virmarganeshtah saddharmatatva kathanaika patustrilokyah. The king praised Acharya and requested to give some religious precepts to the audience present there.


Bhaktamar Stotra

You are free from attachment and disinclination and beyond the gloom of ignorance. The sttra rises every day but sets as well. Ocean limitless of passionless attributes Even Brahaspati is unable to pay tributes Which creature can swim the ocean Disturbed by Dooms day violent motion.

Thine attributes all three worlds transcend Like full moon rays filling earth’s atmosphere Because for their source on Thee depend Lord of Lords of all the worlds sphere.

Manatunga sanskrrit free when all the verses were finished. Gambhira tara rava purita digvibhagah trailokya loka shubha sangama bhuti dakshah. I offer my respectful salutations at the feet of Bhagavan Adinath, the propagator of religion at the beginning bhaktamar stotra in sanskrit this era.

However Manatunga probably lived a few centuries before Raja Bhoja of Dhara. It was composed by Acharya Manatunga seventh century CE. Airavatabhamibhamuddhatam apatantam dristva bhayam bhavati no bhavadashritanam.