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The signature tune that echoes through the movie dwells well with the movie’s pace”. Aanandha yazhai meetugiraai Adi nenjil vannam theetugiraai. Photon Kathaas Ondraga Entertainment. Un mugam paarthaal thonudhadi Vaanathu nilavu chinnadhadi Megathil maraindhae paarkudhadi Unnidam velicham ketkudhadi. IBN Live wrote, “Yuvan’s background score takes the film up a notch, while his music is equally uplifting”.

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Thanga Meenkal is brilliant – Rediff. Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga Retrieved 30 October What is the need for a temple or gods? October 6, Pradeep Na. IBN Live wrote, “Yuvan’s background yzhai takes the film up a notch, while his yazhal is equally uplifting”. When I look at your face, the moon appears small to me. Without self-realization, they start blossoming, and the fragrance emitted by their flowers into the breeze elevates the mood.

Filmfare Award for Best Tamil Film. Muthukumar again, who he had worked with in Kattradhu Thamizhtoo.

[Thanga Meengal] Aanandha yaazhai

Only the fathers who are blessed with daughters would tamul that a kiss does not pertain to lust but pure love. Hold it in your hand, console it, and send it home safely.

It feels as if no one in this world has ever lived this sort of a life anywhere. One of the songs, which was sung by children Sadhana and Sanjana, who both acted in the film, was described by the director as an “anthem for school children” that would speak about the current education system, examinations and teachers. Sudhish Kamath later picked Thanga Meenkal as one of five Tamil films that have redefined Tamil cinema incalling it “a heart-warming story about a father-daughter bond” and “a film treated with great restraint and understatement, one that rarely lapses into melodrama”.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Other Songs from Thanga Meengal Album. The beauty potrayed when you sleep anandha yazhai lyrics in tamil my lap is overwhelming The path that Anandha yazhai lyrics in tamil walk holding your hand is never sufficient, and I desire more. Archived from the original on 31 July It veils itself within the clouds, and looks at you.

A poor laborer Kalyani Ram is devoted to his young daughter Chellamma Baby Sadhanabut the child has problems at school with her studies, classmates, and teachers. Adhai kaiyil pidithu aarudhal uraithu Veetuku anuppu nallapadi Indha mannil idhupol yaarum ingae Engum vazhavillai endru thondrudhadi. After his debut directorial Kattradhu ThamizhRam was expected to commence his second project, which was tentatively titled Saddam Hussain and was to feature Dhanush and Bhavana in the lead roles.

Without a proper job and an income the tension that prevails in the house forces Kalyani to take up a job far away from the reach of Chellamma. Views Read Edit View history. At the same time, it is also relentlessly grim and bludgeons you into submitting to the point of view of the filmmaker, and by the time it ends, makes you believe you have personally gone through the ordeals of the film’s characters.


Muthiah and being “thoroughly convinced”. Learn how your comment data is processed. Media reports claimed that the producer got into a financial crisis and decided to drop the film, which prompted Karunas to take up the film and produce it himself.

Thanga Meenkal – Wikipedia

Dhoorathu marangal paarkudhadi Dhevadhai ivalaa ketkudhadi Aanndha marandha pookudhadi Kaatrinil vaasam thookudhadi. However, its review was lambasted by its readers in comments section [37]. Adi kovil edharku dheivangal edharku Unnadhu punnagai podhumadi Indha mannil idhupol yaarum ingae Engum vazhavillai endru thondrudhadi. Infotainment would produce the film. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Aanandha Yazhai Song Lyrics.