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akiha vermillion

C, run up puffball, etc, but note that these two are the primary options you have. As you can see, you can’t really just land a hit from round start and go into the infinite and kill. Retrieved from ” http: Crimson Lord Uncountable Pureness: While it does help to know the basics of pit pressure for blockstrings, it is absolutely not a necessity with this character.

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Using Air Pillars is core to her neutral and pressure game.

Melty Blood/Akiha Vermillion/Full Moon

For combo 6, you can switch the ender from j. Be very careful while trying to make a defensive read with these tools. Her shield bunker slides very low to the ground and there are chances that you can avoid some stuff with it but it’s generally not a great option because C and F shield bunkers are not fully invincible like H shield bunkers are.

Same for A, except you can do that after 4C as well.

It can be useful to increase the distance between you and your opponent if you really can’t afford the time to jump and air backdash. Simply blocking and ex guarding it is a very safe option to deal with it, but then FVAkiha can air dash j. They’re also good to bully opponents who like to stay on the ground from far, though this is Melty Blood so you wouldn’t find players like those often.

Navigation Main Page Recent changes. This match in particular shows how pit loops work for block pressure as vermiplion as on hit. But the pillars spawn where A’s uncharged version ends.


Melty Blood/Akiha Vermillion/Full Moon – Mizuumi Wiki

You want to normal jump tk puffball, you do this by either A or [2]A hold 2 for a little while before doing the rest of the motion. Learning how the character actually functions is a ton more useful than learning how to do this.

Her ground forward dash is extremely fast, has very little startup ie it doesn’t take her long before she starts moving, as opposed to say PCiel, whose dash has a long amount of time at the beginning where she isn’t movingand has a bit of low profile ability, allowing her to dash under some characters who are trying to jump in with buttons towards you, and potentially run behind someone and 5A them on the other side. This mixup does somewhat lose to wake up backdash, but you can simply delay your timing if you expect a wake up backdash, or input an backdash option select for FVAkiha, 2A2C upon landing and catch that backdash.

Leads to massive damage if you have a counter hit and a double jump leads to pit loops. Her jumps cover a standard amount of distance and float for a standard amount of time. FVAkiha doesn’t really use OTG’s because her corner knockdown game is strong, however they are an option, and are especially useful to know if you land a 2C in neutral. Click here for the original Akiha Vermillion page. This move can be used on the ground or in the air.

Once she lands a hit, her setplay is second to none and is among the most hopeless feeling situations in Melty. As the character with the lowest life in the game, you really don’t want to be put into a position where you have to rely on defense.

Used in combos, primarily in the Momiji loop. B version – Just like the Momiji rush from the other 2 moons. Look how pretty she is. Do note that pit airdash pit is often not an airtight blockstring and you might get air thrown or poked out of it, but you can discourage this by j. C, run up puffball, etc, but note that these two are the primary options you have.


Keep in mind that air pillars move a shorter distance then ground pillars and that you cannot preform any input till you land and recover on the ground. FVAkiha is one of the most mobile characters in all of Melty Blood. TK air puffball is a fantastic tool on offense that does frankly too much stuff for a move that is that safe essentially fully safe. After normal jump TK air puffball, you want to chain into j. Her backdash is fairly standard; it can avoid some stuff if you really want to avoid stuff with it, but again, if it gets baited you are going for a ride.

Also note that puffballs’ momentum changing is affected by what jump you are doing, so doing a dash jump puffball can make the A version puffball go way ahead and the B version puffball barely move backwards if at all. Her basic combo is a guaranteed corner carry and her air normals are the best of C and F moon j.

This move is IH cancelable and you can even whiff the move and cancel to IH during the dashing animation, which is extremely useful if you want to get life via IH. Combined with her 2 jumps and airdashes, this move makes her float up in the air for an almost unfair amount of time. Hits mid, -5 on block.