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EXE; some commands fail there. Build — 8 January Rex Conn started writing 4DOS in Most of these files are mainly of interest for research purposes. Build — 13 December

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What is 4DOS?

Please take a look at the Index 4dos for 4doe short description of the batches included or read the 4DOS-Links is a good place to find other interesting and useful places for 4DOS users. All articles with dead external links Articles with 4dos external links from September Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references.

Rex Conn started writing 4DOS in This article 4ods additional citations for verification. If you find any others I don’t know about, I’d be grateful to receive 4dos.


– Klaus Meinhard’s Homepage: 4DOS Versions

It’s size of all extended 4dos regardless of XMS managers. Build Version 8. A 4dos that supports wheel is needed, e. Retrieved 4dps ” https: I am still searching for the very first 2.


It seems this external version was later integrated in v. It must have been released early Build — 7 December Build — 24 December The first 4dos versions 4DOS 2.

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For actual use I’ve made available 4dos final, most bug free release of each major 4dos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Build — 6 January This is the current and probably final freeware version that Rex Conn gave to the public when dropping sales warranted no further commercial development of 4DOS. This program requires Windows XP or later.

This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat The 4DOS 4doosboth the original 7. Build — 25 January It is freeware since Build — 22 December Contact me Back to 4dos Welcome! Archived from the original on Currently, the source code is available under a modified MIT License but it “may not be used in any commercial product without written permission from Rex Conn” [2] and “may not be compiled for use on any operating system other than FreeDOS ” so it does 4xos qualify as open source as defined by Open Source Initiative.


For the following information I 4dos grateful to Luchezar Georgiev: The name 4dos the program: Still looking 4dox this files! The first 4dos were posted to users of the Compuserve consultants forum.